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The idea behind LOCTOTE came as a result of a family vacation in St. Croix. My wife and kids had all gone back to the room for the day, and I decided to stay out on the beach and do some snorkeling. Before heading out into the water, I put my phone, earbuds, and cash in my shoe, which I covered with a towel and left on a beach chair. I swam out about 100 yards, and when I looked back to shore, I saw an individual shuffling through my stuff on the beach, and then walk away with something in his hand. I yelled to him, and swam back to shore as fast as I could, but by the time I got there, both he and my stuff were gone. This was a real downer for the vacation, and I decided that I needed a solution to prevent something like this from ever happening again. 

That night I got on my laptop (because that’s what I do on vacation), and I began my search for a solution to the problem. To me, the problem was more complex than just a way to prevent my personal items from being stolen when I was at the beach. I had a whole list of requirements for this product I was seeking. First and foremost, I wanted a way to carry my personal items that would enable me to securely fasten them to a stationary object so they couldn’t be tampered with or stolen. In my mind, this would require a locking mechanism that couldn’t be broken, cut, or torn, and the container itself also needed to be made of something that was resistant to cutting or tearing. I basically wanted a product that would be impenetrable to thieves of all kinds, including protecting my credit cards and passports that contained RFID chips from unauthorized scanning (digital pickpocketing). Conversely, I wanted something stylish, attractive, and functional — something that would seamlessly fit into my everyday life, that I would enjoy using and be proud to be seen using. More and more, this was sounding to me like some kind of a bag. 

That’s what I needed — an everyday “go to” bag that would meet all my technical requirements, and still be soft, foldable/packable, comfortable, highly functional, attractive and fashionable, and durable. That shouldn’t be hard to find, I thought. Well, it was. In fact there was no product on the market that was even remotely close to what I was looking for. After exhausting my search, I began the process of creating the bag I was seeking. It took hundreds of hours of research, and countless prototypes and failed attempts. In the end, we created a product that blew people’s minds. 

We launched our first product on Kickstarter in 2016, and we became, at that time, the highest grossing backpack ever in the history of Kickstarter, and we still are the highest grossing Kickstarter campaign ever in the State of Ohio. From there we got invited onto ABC’s Shark Tank, where we made a deal with Robert Herjavec. Since then, we’ve dealt with cancer, import tariffs, and counterfeiting. Through it all, we’ve never strayed from our core focus of creating bags that are soft and beautiful, packed with features, and insanely durable. Some people say that our products are overkill, and that we must be over-compensating for something. Maybe...

Don Halpern / LOCTOTE Founder & Inventor of the Flak Sack