Reaping the Reparative Benefits of the Great Outdoors

From breathing in the cool mountain air to soaking up warm rays on a sun soaked beach, nothing beats being outdoors, no matter where you are. The benefits of taking a moment to relax and be one with nature, in the great outdoors, are far reaching and have many benefits.

Mountain hiking trail

Shaking off your stress

Stress affects our minds and our bodies in many ways and a great way to combat stress is breathing deeply. Getting in a great run on your favorite trail or while exploring a new city requires controlled breathing if you want to go the distance. Learning to control your breathing can be applied to stress relief as well and deeply breathing fresh air, in through the nose and out through the mouth, can calm what ails you. You don’t need to run though to enjoy the benefits of breathing in fresh air, but no matter what you do outside, you can expect your mood to improve.

man wearing orange and grey running shoes on steps

Sleep more soundly

Getting in a good night’s sleep isn’t always easy but imagine coming back from trudging through the snow (or a simple hike) for an hour and getting into some cozy clothes. As our cheeks warm up, we notice that fatigue sets in more easily. Going to bed and getting a great night’s sleep is a well deserved reward after physical exertion. Spending more time outdoors is an excellent way to help regulate our sleep. Sleep helps repair our aches and pains while also bringing quiet to a busy day. We have a lot to process on a daily basis and life has never been busier; while we are sleeping, our bodies are working hard to get us ready for the next day.

white and blue cushions on bed

Vitamin D for all

While we get most of our nutrients and vitamins from consuming various foods, rays from the sun remain an important source of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps us absorb the minerals we need to keep our bodies healthy and active. While high sun exposure should be monitored, getting out for a short while doesn’t only allow us to soak up the vitamins we need, it also helps us smile, which releases endorphins that amp up our moods.

man hiking in red jacket and LOCTOTE drawstring backpack

Flak Sack II in Heather Grey

Helps maintain focus

Sometimes walking away from a problem for a few minutes helps us see what we’re looking at from a different angle. Getting outside for a walk takes our mind off what we're doing, allowing us to come back to our work with a fresh set of eyes. Creativity works the same way. If you’re a writer and you're stuck on a blank page, close the computer and get outside. Your perspective won’t just change, you may find the inspiration that you need.

woman writing on paper on wooden table