Waxed Canvas: From Storied Tradition to Modern Practicality

What is wax canvas?

Wax canvas is one of the most innovative and hardwearing textiles ever created. Coarsely woven cotton is used and soaked in either paraffin or beeswax to create the fabric, making it naturally water-resistant. Over time, clothing and accessories created with waxed canvas take on a life of their own, each mark, crease and fold telling their own unique story.

The recipe for making waxed canvas has evolved over the years and new technologies are used to continue developing and strengthening the fabric. Improvements in the process help to refine the canvas, making it much more affordable and easier to use in clothing manufacturing.

Where does it come from?

Waxed canvas was born out of necessity centuries ago by English and Scottish mariners who found that their sails worked much better when wet. At first the sails were soaked in linseed oil before paraffin was eventually used as a more durable and flexible replacement. Leftover pieces of wax-soaked sails were used as runoff capes to keep the sailors dry, becoming the first ever pieces of water-resistant clothing.

Clothing manufacturers in Britain quickly caught on to the benefits of waxed canvas and began using the fabric to create waxed clothing for outdoor use by fieldworkers and eventually, as motorsports became more popular, the fabric was even used to create water resistant clothing for motorcyclists as well.

Over time, uses for waxed canvas became even more widespread, making it a popular choice in the creation of weather-resistant clothing and accessories across the globe.

What are the uses?

Today, waxed canvas is synonymous with durability and craftsmanship. While other weather-resistant materials exist, this fabric remains a preferred choice for those who want to create pieces that will stand the test of time. Often used to battle the elements, waxed canvas is used to make rugged and practical clothing, bags, boots and more. Each item that is hand-crafted using waxed canvas takes on a beautifully weathered look over time, becoming essential pieces in any outdoor wardrobe.

Clothing and boots made with waxed canvas are not only timelessly designed, but are also perfect for those who are not afraid of a little wet weather. They keep us warm and dry as we stroll along the soaked city streets or as we breath in the rain soaked fresh air along our favorite nature tracks and trails.

Bags made using the same material provide us with peace of mind that our precious belongings are kept dry and safe. The longevity of a fabric woven through centuries continues to prove that traditional methods retain their place in a modern world.

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