Pair your LOCTOTE® and LITELOK® to Reduce the Chance of Bike Theft

When it comes to the safety of your bike, more is always more. So, if you are already carrying around a lockable, theft-resistant backpack, why not use it to add another layer of protection to your bike? Here are some creative ways to pair your LOCTOTE bag with your LITELOK bike lock to safely secure your bike!

Strong bike lock

Use your LOCTOTE to store removable bike parts

If you’ve ever paid attention to city bike racks, you will have no doubt seen countless seatless bikes, wheel-less frames, and possibly some one brake wonders (seriously, people steal brake cords these days).

When you need to leave your bike all day in a busy spot such as a train station, university, or office building, the best practice is to lock both your wheels to the frame and remove any easily-taken parts. But, if you’re anything like us, then you won’t want the inconvenience of carrying a bike seat with you all day.

Instead, simply remove those valuable items and slip them into your LOCTOTE. Lock it to your bike frame with your helmet, and be on your way.

Flexible bike lock

Use the locking strap as a secondary wheel lock

Even if you prefer the peace of mind of carrying your removable parts with you, or don’t believe there is a need for it, you can still use the steel-reinforced UHMWPE locking strap featured on all the LOCTOTE backpacks as a secondary bike lock.

To fully secure your bike, you must remember that it is important to lock your frame plus both of your wheels (unless perhaps you are a professional unicyclist). Most bike locks are only long enough to join your bike frame and rear wheel to a stationary item. In order to secure the front wheel, use the locking strap on your LOCTOTE bag to lock together your rear wheel, fork, and frame.

Backpack that can carry bike lock

Securely lock your helmet to your bike

If there’s no room in your bag for your helmet but you still don’t want to carry it around. We have a solution for that too! This hack works best with the Cinch Pack due to its longer lockable straps but could be managed with all our bags.

Simply pass the strap through the ventilation holes on your helmet, around your bike frame, and lock it back up. Take care not to thread the lock through your helmet’s chin strap, as this is easily cut with a knife and will render the lock and all your preventative measures useless.

Wearable bike lock

Why these hacks are unique to LOCTOTE products

It’s worth mentioning that these hacks only work with LOCTOTE bags and backpacks and that is due to our uniquely durable design. It all starts with the ANSI slash-resistant fabric body that is held together with stab-proof seams. Coupled with the steel reinforced locking straps, your average, run-of-the-mill thief will find it pretty difficult to get into one of these bags without special tools.

Lastly, the straps are fastened and secured by a heavy-duty combination lock. It would take a long time for an opportunistic thief to work through all the possible combinations. As we all know, opportunity is a thief’s best friend. When you remove the opportunity, you drastically reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of theft.

We have put years of research and engineering into creating a system that works for you and your bike to ultimately give you the peace of mind that you deserve when leaving your bike locked up in public. Now that you are a bike locking champion with all the tools to keep your beloved bike safe, go and spread the knowledge of these hacks with your family and friends.