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November 20, 2017 0 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving week. We are busy like elves preparing for the holiday season and the roll-out of our second generation of products. That said, this would probably be a good time to tell you a little bit about our upcoming product release. Over the past year, we have received tons of useful feedback from our great customer base. We read all of it and took them very seriously (you can’t buy research that good). After working through all the comments, both good and bad, we have incorporated your feedback into our second generation products. When we say we are a customer-driven company, we really mean it. I think when you read through the enhancements we have made for you, this will be self evident.

We made a number of sweeping improvements across our entire product line. We are doing things that nobody else in the business is doing, all in the name of practicality and toughness. First off, we went nuts with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), the toughest fiber around. We now stitch all seams with UHMWPE thread. Then, we reinforce the seams with UHMWPE binding. Yeah, we have the toughest seams around! Then we focused on the lock strap. It is now double steel reinforced, and woven completely from UHMWPE. This strap is so tough, even it’s own dog can’t love it. We replaced brass grommets with stainless steel, the nylon multi loop with UHMWPE, and two-piece rivets with old-school solid brass hand-set belt rivets. Other things we did because you asked for it are:

  • Enlarged the RFID protective pocket
  • Added two additional internal pockets
  • Enlarged the Flak Sack SPORT
  • More colors options (Coming soon)

We can’t wait to get these new products in your hands. We are accepting pre-orders now, and we will ship to our customers the day they hit our dock.

Thanks for all your great feedback and loyalty.


Flak Sack Sport: Increased size of bag to allow more carry flak_sack_sport_interior

Bag Interior: Deeper RFID pocking and two additional pocket. New grey lining for improved interior visibility

 flak_sack_locking_strap_double flak_sack_sport_grommet

Locking Strap: Double steel reinforced and woven completely from UHMWPE. New stainless steel grommets instead of brass.

flak_sack_interior_seam flak_sack_sport_stitching
Interior Stitching: All seams now stitched with UHMWPE thread and reinforced with UHMWPE binding

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