How do you lock a LOCTOTE?

At LOCTOTE we consider our bags to be personal safes. Designed with slash-resistant Flaknit®, steel-reinforced slash-resistant straps, RFID protection, and a one-of a kind locking mechanism, they're certain to make any would-be thief think twice. 

It's this locking mechanism that makes your LOCTOTE unique from other anti-theft backpacks that you might find around. Not only it is possible to lock our bags closed, but LOCTOTE's lock strap enables you to lock the bag to a fixed object for added security. 

How to lock a LOCTOTE Flak Sack 

Like any drawstring backpack, the LOCTOTE Flak Sack II and LOCTOTE Flak Sack SPORT are closed by pulling on the ropes that serve as straps. Once closed, you can lock the bag using the cut-resistant Lock Strap and padlock.

1. Remove the padlock from the stainless steel O-ring. 

2. Pull on the Lock strap until the two grommets become visible. On newer bags this can be a little tough the first few times. It can help to pull on each side of the Lock Strap at a time. 

How to lock a loctote

3. Thread the padlock shackle through the grommets on the Lock Strap and close the padlock, and scramble the combination, to lock the bag closed. If you want to lock your bag to something, loop the Lock strap around a fixed object (a table leg or park bench, for example) and thread the padlock shackle through the grommets on the Lock Strap and the stainless steel O-ring.

how to lock a loctote

When you need to unlock the bag, simply enter your combination to unlock the padlock and open the bag to cause the lock strap to recede. We recommend connecting the padlock to the O-ring and storing it in the front pouch of the Flak Sack to prevent damage to the lock or other property. 

Each Flak Sack comes with a cut-resistant Locker Loop fixed to the inside of the bag. This loop can be used to hang your bag, but also for additional security. To use the Locker Loop simply thread the lock shackle through the Locker Loop as well as the Lock Strap grommets before locking.

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