FLAKnit® Fabric Square

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We've created the toughest bags in the world, thanks to our FLAKnit Fabric™. This unique textile is virtually indestrucible yet surprisingly soft. Have peace of mind knowing your valuables are covered by this stuff.

But don’t take our word for it (or do, and buy a bag right now). Discover our FLAKnit™ technology with a free Fabric Square (while supplies last) and test the super awesome fabric for yourself.

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how to test the fabric square 

STEP 1 - Get to know the fabric. Feel it. Stretch it. Smell it. Lick it (Okay, maybe don’t lick it!)

STEP 2 - Tug on it and try to tear it. It’s impossible.

STEP 3 - Take a knife (please be careful) and run it across the fabric. Try to get through the fabric by slashing it. C’mon, harder! Is it impossible to get through? No, but it’ll take some serious time and effort.

STEP 4 - Get Creative and give it the "business". You know what you put your bags through. See how well your FLAKnit fabric square stands up to the same abuses.

STEP 5 - Share your fabric square. Show your friends how cool it is. Have them try the technology themselves. Then, if you decide you want a bag made out of the toughest fabric in the world, go to loctote.com and get yourself a Flak Sack II or Flak Sack COALITION.