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FLAKnit® Fabric Square


We've created the toughest bags in the world, thanks to our FLAKnit Fabric™. This unique textile is virtually indestrucible yet surprisingly soft. Have peace of mind knowing your valuables are covered by this stuff.

But don’t take our word for it (or do, and buy a bag right now). Discover our FLAKnit™ technology with a free Fabric Square (while supplies last) and test the super awesome fabric for yourself.

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how to test the fabric square 

STEP 1 - Get to know the fabric. Feel it. Stretch it. Smell it. Lick it (Okay, maybe don’t lick it!)

STEP 2 - Tug on it and try to tear it. It’s impossible.

STEP 3 - Take a knife (please be careful) and run it across the fabric. Try to get through the fabric by slashing it. C’mon, harder! Is it impossible to get through? No, but it’ll take some serious time and effort.

STEP 4 - Get Creative and give it the "business". You know what you put your bags through. See how well your FLAKnit fabric square stands up to the same abuses.

STEP 5 - Share your fabric square. Show your friends how cool it is. Have them try the technology themselves. Then, if you decide you want a bag made out of the toughest fabric in the world, go to loctote.com and get yourself a Flak Sack II or Flak Sack COALITION.

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United States

Flaknit fabric

This stuff is tuff! You can stick it but you definitely can't slash it!

United States

Flaknit is the real deal!

I requested and received a sample of flaknit fabric from Loctote. The fabric cannot be ripped or stretched or torn by hand (and I am very strong and muscular........ and quite handsome). If I tried very hard I could make small puncture holes by holding the fabric over the tip of a knife, but I stopped before using enough force that I might slip. For that purpose I could not get a decent puncture. If I used scissors I could make cuts into the edge of the cloth by making small chewing motions with the scissors. I laid the fabric on my counter top and sliced hard into the fabric. There was no cutting with this method. None. I believe the bags made from this material would be extremely secure. Impressive product!

Brayden T.
United States

Fabric square

It was cut after a good 4 days

United States


It really does do what it says it will do. I'll definitely be buying the bag, just waiting for new designs and a sale.

Shannon B.
United States

Amazing fabric

This fabric is awesome! I pulled and tugged and tried to cut it with scissors, to no avail. The material held strong!

Slash-Proof Fabric

We've created the toughest bags in the world, thanks to our FLAKnit Fabric™. This unique textile is virtually indestrucible yet surprisingly soft. Have peace of mind knowing your belongings are covered by this stuff.

Steel Reinforced Locking Strap

The steel reinforced locking strap enables you to lock your bag shut, and to a fixed object — making it virtually impossible to pilfer or steal without extreme force or heavy tools.

Solid Brass Lock

Lock machined from a single chunk of solid brass to ensure the security for the bag and durability of the lock.


Protect against RFID theft & electronic pick-pocketing. Our bags include a large internal pocket lined with a certified RFID blocking material to effectively shield credit cards & passports from unauthorized scanning.

Slash-Resistant Ropes

We created a rope unlike any other using slash-resistant material - Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE). Even though we hope no thief ever tries to cut this bag off your back, it’s nice to know they won’t be successful.

Premium Components & Build

Cheap hardware will ultimately fail. We use stainless steel and brass exclusively for it’s strength, quality and ability to keep looking good after years of use. Our bags are designed to protect but built to last.

Water Resistant

Our bags lined with a Water resistant nylon lining and is equipped with a large (capable of holding an iPad Mini) water-resistant interior pocket crafted with a Aquaguard® zipper to keep your stuff safe & dry from the perils of an active lifestyle.

Sternum Strap

The Sternum Strap gives you that extra bit of security and comfort. By keeping the ropes centered across your chest, the bag stays secure with its weight comfortably distributed across your shoulders.

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