Our Commitment to a Greener World

In a world that's bombarded with "fast fashion," LOCTOTE is driven to create products that are designed to outlive their owners. We believe that actions can make a real difference, which is why we are proud to be a part of 1% for the Planet, a global movement inspiring businesses to support environmental solutions.

1% for the Planet

We Are Driven
By Sustainability

As environmental advocates, we take our responsibility to the planet seriously. LOCTOTE has made significant strides in our environmental initiatives and policies. We've made the switch from plastic packaging to a corn-based alternative that is biodegradable, carbon-neutral and even edible (although we don't suggest trying this at home). This corn based "plastic" is both a renewable resource and creates much less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional plastic production - it represents a reduction of 68%.

hands holding fresh earth
sustainably sourced premium leather
forest in the mist

Sustainable Supply Chain

We work closely with all our manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that the materials we use are not only sustainable, but ethically sourced. Most recently, we've partnered with a new leather supplier who is committed to environmental excellence and sustainability in the industry. They've even developed their own trademarked manufacturing process, LITE, which stands for "Low Impact To the Environment."

LOCTOTE is proud to be a part of 1% for the Planet.

It's together that we'll make the difference.

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