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flakknit fabric

flaknit fabric

UNBELIEVABLy durable. ultra comfortable. virtually indestructible.

We want to empower our most intrepid fans to travel and experience life fearlessly. With the Travel More Ambassador Program, we provide a platform to showcase your content, and allow you to connect to other individuals with a similar passion to get more from this thing we call life.

We welcome anyone with a story to tell, photos to display, or practical knowledge to share, to join us.

Discounts & Free Gear.

All of our Ambassadors are eligible for discounts on Loctote products and Ambassador-exclusive giveaways. Trust us, we've got your back while your on the road!


Features & Shoutouts

Have your photos & stories featured on our blog & social media channels, whether it's Loctote related or not. We want to inspire the passion for travel in others.


Trip Sponsorship

Ambassadors will have direct access to a pitch line where you are able to tell us about an idea for a trip or project that you would like to undertake. If it’s super cool, we may assist you directly with your venture!


Sneak Peeks

Ambassadors will be the first to see unreleased, upcoming products, as well as be our go to people for feedback and wear testing.

be a part of our growth

Have inside visibility into an up-and-coming US-based startup. We frequently ask our ambassadors for their input and feedback. Your opinion is greatly valued and it contributes to the growth of the company.

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Traveling through South East Asia? Here are 10 tips ambassador & photographer Josh Martin brought back on his recent trip to Singapore and Bali.


Travel used to be a purely self-indulgent, almost hedonistic pursuit. I would learn of a location that looked or sounded enticing, and hop into my car to hit the road.

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