Cinch Pack Press Page

Hi there! Thanks for being interested to learn more about us. If you have any questions on press please send them directly to and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

LOCTOTE makes the world's toughest & most secure backpacks that enable our customers to live more & worry less. Whether traveling to an unknown place, doing your daily commute, hanging by the beach or just find yourself in a busy place, our bags are built like a portable safe to protect your belongings you can't afford to lose. They protect your stuff when you're carrying them and when you can’t have an eye on them.

A 100% theft-proof backpack doesn't exist. It's just not possible. A LOCTOTE is the next best thing. No other bag protects against all five of the most common travel thefts - Unattended Bag Theft, Pickpocketing, Bag Slashing, Identity Theft and Slash & Grab Theft. 

We recently launched our 2nd crowdfunding campaign – LOCTOTE Cinch Pack: The World's Most Secure Backpack ->

If you have a quick look at our online press office (links below) you’ll be able to see a couple of story options you can choose from as well as great quality images of the products.

Samples are available upon request.