The LOCTOTE way of life

We believe greatness is reserved for those who see things through, no excuses. When we set out on a journey, we know there will be obstacles along the way, but that’s not going to stop us. It’s only going to propel us to go farther, climb higher, and endure longer. Challenges inspire us to push the limits of possible. It’s a mindset that informs our travels and manufacturing. With an unwavering commitment to do things right, we make safe and durable bags for people who share our view of the world.


Having your belongings stolen can be extremely distressing, especially if you’re far away from home. It’s something we know from personal experience, and the reason we founded LOCTOTE.

Made with cut-resistant fabrics and seams, heavy-duty padlocks, and steel-reinforced straps, our bags and accessories are engineered to prevent unwanted access and deter thieves from even trying.


Our products are designed for those who refuse to compromise. Combining safety and style, they are engineered for durability and made with the finest materials.


As tough as they are timeless.

Our Kickstarter Roots

Our first LOCTOTE® was launched on Kickstarter in 2016. We became, at that time, the highest grossing backpack ever in the history of Kickstarter. From there, we were invited onto ABC's hit series, Shark Tank, where we made a sweet deal. Through it all, we have never strayed from our core focus of providing a means for the everyday explorer to live more and worry less.

Our Unwavering Commitment

At LOCTOTE, we’re hands-on, hardworking folks who never settle and never give up. Our products are a manifestation of our commitment to quality and security. Each and every morning, we wake up grateful that we can keep building on our vision, thanks to the support our community provides us.

Our promise to our customers and to the world is to continue believing that good is never good enough. Never Compromise.

Our Classics

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