Loctote® Ultimate Explorer Giveaway: What's up for Grabs?

Loctote's Ultimate Explorer Giveaway is on now and we have an enormous packed with everything you need to hit the road with friend for the ultimate cycling adventure!

Ultimate explorer giveaway

Devinci Gravel Bikes

You won't get far on your ultimate cycling adventure without a ride, will you? The lucky winner will take home two gravel bikes from the bike engineering experts, Devinci. 

Designed for fun, versatility and performance The Hatchet Apex conquers gravel to road to everything in between. The shorter stem and longer tube of the Hatchet's MTB-inspired frame make it the perfect bike for handling loose terrain, and is thoughtfully designed with storage mounts for long adventures off the beaten track. 

Devinci Hatchett Apex Bike

Cycling Apparel by Sportful USA

Sportful's high-performance apparel has been donned by the world's top athletes in competitive cycling and ski for almost 50 years. 

With bibs, shorts, jerseys, gloves, hats and more from Sportful USA's Giara line you will be cycling in the most comfortable performance gear you have ever worn. Specially designed for adventures on gravel, the Giara line comes equipped with high visibility reflectors, dot grippers, seatpads and flat lock stitching to keep you comfortable and safe on long rides.

Bags by Blackburn Designs

It wouldn't be much of an adventure if you couldn't bring supplies! That's why the intrepid souls at Blackburn Designs will be kitting you and a friend out with a seat post bag, a frame bag and a handlebar bag each from their Elite collection to carry everything you need. 

Lightweight and waterproof, the smart configuration of Blackburn bags helps distribute load weight, keeping your bike's center of gravity low for ambitious treks over unsteady terrain. Go further, do more and be prepared for anything with Blackburn. 

Wolf and Grizzly Campfire Trio

Fellow Kickstarters, Wolf and Grizzly, have pioneered a campfire solution so smart it will make your jaw drop. These rollable, foldable, compact fire kits include a collapsible Fire Safe, adjustable Grill and resourceful Fire Kit so that you know wherever you go you can be toasty warm with a delicious meal on the way.

Loctote® Antitheft Backpacks

What kind of giveaway would we be running if you didn't get two of the world's toughest anti-theft backpacks in the prize?

When you're on the road the last thing you need is to worry about the safety of your valuables. The Flak Sack II is the portable safe you can lock up and lock away so you can #LiveMoreWorryLess on your ultimate adventure. 

loctote backpack

Litelok® Silver Flexi-U Bike Locks

Keep your new rides safe and sound with Litelok bike locks. Created by an aeronautics engineer who was sick of having his prized bikes stolen, the Litelok is a flexible, lightweight lock designed to fight back against the favored techniques of would-be bike thieves. The Litelok Silver Flexi-U combo comes with both the large and medium-sized locks that us the same key - convenient!

Näak Ultra Energy Bars & Protein Powders

You'll need some serious fuel on your ultimate adventure and we're here to help with this inclusion from Näak. Created by athletes and for athletes, Näak protein comes from crickets - the most sustainable protein source in the world. 

Mini Drone

Capture some seriously breathtaking footage of your adventure with your own DJI Mavic Mini Drone. Able to capture 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K Quad HD videos, this lightweight drone is packed with features to ensure smooth footage and easy use wherever you take it. 


The Ultimate Explorer Giveaway is open until September 20, 2020, so don't miss your chance to take home this amazing gear and more!