It’s a Cinch! Introducing the LOCTOTE Cinch Pack

It’s been a long journey since our last crowdfunding campaign. There have been great highs — like watching our campaign go viral, and appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank. There have also been challenging lows — like fighting (and beating) cancer, and seeing our product knocked-off all over the internet by some low-end overseas garbage. Through it all, we’ve kept our focus, and our commitment to innovation and quality. We don’t just roll out new products every few months. Rather, we strive for real innovation, and then we pain over all the details until it’s just right. Now we’re ready. The Cinch Pack is the culmination of all our work and experience. 

The LOCTOTE Cinch Pack seemed like an obvious name to us for a backpack that is literally a “cinch” to use, and is used by "cinching" it. The Cinch Pack by the LOCTOTE INDUSTRIAL BAG CO. is a tough, practical, daily carry backpack, that's built with the worry-free security features you come to expect from LOCTOTE. It was designed to accommodate the lifestyles of people who travel in high-crime environments, or anybody on the go who has important or valuable things with them (like passports, electronics, wallets, keys, etc.), but does not want to be constantly worrying about, clutching or staring at them, and does not want to look like they are carrying a secure anti-theft bag. 

We have incorporated our years of experience, customer feedback, and R&D to bring you a bag that is the ultimate daily carry or travel backpack.

1) Completely surrounded by slash resistant fabric (not just certain panels)
2) Stab-proof seams
3) Slash resistant straps
4) Locks shut
5) Locks (or quick clips) to any fixed object
6) Does not look like an anti-theft bag

Like a trusted friend, you’ll want to take the Cinch Pack everywhere you go. It's lightweight, comfortable to carry, durable, hand-washable, UV resistant, latex and gluten free, low-calorie, low-carb, gender neutral, environmentally friendly, and politically correct (apologies vegans -- there is leather). We’re very proud of this bag, and we’re confident that you will appreciate every aspect of this new bag. Please join us and back our Indiegogo campaign today

With your support, we will continue to create products that enable you to #LIVEMOREWORRYLESS. 

Thank you,
Don & Adam