INTRODUCING Slash Resistant Shirts

Over the past couple of years, a number of our customers have expressed interest in us making a slash resistant shirt. It became clear to us that there was a huge number of people out there, who given the nature of their work, put themselves at risk of sever injury every day. Other slash resistant shirts existed in the market, but they were just too expensive for everyday working people (the people who needed them most) to afford. We began working on it about a year and a half ago, and the process has been like Goldilocks and the Three Bears — this one’s too soft, this ones’s too hard, too stiff, too thin, too rough, etc. Finally, after lots of epic failures and cut marks all over Don’s body, we created one that is just right. We developed it it for people who are on the front line of safety, security, and industry every day.



Being that LOCTOTE is a bag company, we are selling the shirts under the brand name American Front Line & Industrial Supply. Right now we are selling them on Amazon only. The shirts are comfortable, affordable, and achieve a EN388 level 5 cut resistance. We hope to build out this line with other products where our expertise and manufacturing capabilities can make products that keep people and their things safe.

As our friends and valued LOCTOTE supporters, we are offering a discount so those of you seeking this type of shirt can get it before, and cheaper than, everyone else. Use coupon code "loctote30" at checkout to save $30 of each shirt. We only have limited supply, as this is a new area for us. Click Here to order >>

Don & Adam

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