Josh, Kristan & Alyssa

josh lepick and family at the grand canyon
We learned about Josh and his family when Josh shared with us some of his seriously good photography featuring none other than our heavy-hitting Loctote Cinch Pack
Since discovering the Cinch Pack on Kickstarter, Josh, his wife Kristan, and their daughter Alyssa have taken their Loctotes on some amazing adventures. Designed with durability and security in mind, the Cinch Pack has risen to every challenge faced by Josh and his family. Here, Josh shares with us a little more about this intrepid trio.
What do you do?
Our source of main income is AT&T. I am a graphic designer and photographer for them and my wife is a Centers Manager. Combined we have 26 years with AT&T. When we are not working we adventure - hiking, biking, paddleboarding, 4x4’ing, snowblading. Think of a cliche Colorado family... that is us.
Your favorite way to unwind:
Lately with the pandemic we have been enjoying our porch bed. Evenings relaxing in that watching the sunset. Before pandemic it was mountain drives or taking a nap on our paddle board in the middle of a lake.
Josh, Kristan and Alyssa on paddleboards in a lake
Favorite musician?
This is hard, we all three listen to some good music. When we are relaxing we love some Michael Buble. When we are going on an adventure, Chainsmokers gets us pumped, and when we are hanging out with friends or family we enjoy Jason Mraz or John Mayer.
Favorite Food?
Sushi... nothing beats good sushi.
Favorite place to travel to?
As of right now, Hawaii. Maui is where Kristan and I got engaged and we took our little girl there a few years ago. Nowhere else have we been so close to nature and experienced so much goodness.
A saying or phrase that’s been meaningful to you in your life:
This is on my Instagram page: “More Adventure, Less Stuff, Family First”
Kristan walking in a forest wearing a loctote backpack
How did you come across Loctote?
I found Loctote while cruising Kickstarter. I was wanting to find a day bag for my wife. So many bags today are crazy colors, or not suited well for the office and for adventure. I saw the Cinch pack and backed it. I was not sure if my wife would like it or if I would but it seemed great. Once it came we absolutely loved it. The material and colors worked well for the office and for adventure. Plus all the features that keep our gear secure is an added bonus.
What about Loctote made you a fan?
From the moment the Cinch pack came we loved the quality. The bag feels strong and secure. The material is thick and strong. This was the main appeal. We started shooting photos of us using the Cinch pack and it got seen by Loctote and that is how this relationship started. It is great when a big company sees the little guys and just says “thank you”. We also really enjoy the size of all the bags. Nothing is too big. It makes us think about what we are bringing and this goes back to our favorite saying. Only bringing the essentials means we can move quick, adventure more and focus on what truly matters.
Where are you off to next?
Our next big trip is Quebec, Canada at the moment. We love places with history and culture and Quebec seems fitting. After that? Def somewhere overseas.
Josh sitting in a tree wearing a loctote cinch pack