What Makes Loctote® Bags Cut Resistant?

From the steel-reinforced lock strap that turns your backpack into a portable safe, through to the cut-resistant straps and RFID-blocking capacity - we’re clearly big on anti-theft technology. But even we would say that these features are the cherry on top of the sundae. The heart and soul of Loctote, and the key to our epic cut-resistance, is our game-changing textile innovation - FLAKknit.

To engineer the most secure anti-theft bag we knew it had to be made of a material that could resist one of the most common theft techniques - bag slashing. For that, there was only one answer - ultra high molecular weight polyethylenes (UHMWPEs). To give you an idea of how tough this fiber is, here are some other places you can find UHMWPEs: body armor, climbing equipment, industrial winches, high-performance sports rigging, fencing armor, parachute and paragliding ropes, spearguns, skis, snowboards, even joint replacements and sutures.

Yeah, we make bags out of that stuff.

Our proprietary textile is called FLAKnit. With an ANSI cut level A9, FLAKnit is why nobody to date has managed to create a more cut resistant bag than our Flack Sack II.

guy wearing a loctote

Is Loctote Cut-proof?

No textile is truly cut-proof. However, with the invention of technologically advanced super fibers, and super textiles like FLAKknit we are able to produce highly cut resistant fabrics. Highly cut-resistant means that a thief with a knife or a pair of scissors will have a really tough time getting into it. How tough? Well it depends on the cut level. For example, our FLAKknit has an ANSI cut level A9. The Flak Sack II literally cannot be rated any higher in terms of cut resistance.

flaknit being slashed with a knife

We are always listening to the feedback from Loctote's community and we soon noticed that there was interest in a bag like the Flak Sack II that was more lightweight - which is how the Flak Sack Sport came to be. Instead of FLAKnit, the Flak Sack Sport is made with a woven fabric made from UHMWPE. As well as making it noticeably lighter than its robust brother, and improves its external water-resistance while still maintaining an ANSI cut level A4.

We were so pleased with the sophisticated solution that we also used this material in the Cinch Pack - creating the biggest and most feature-loaded anti-theft backpack in our lineup.

We also haven't stopped at just the fabric. The steel-reinforced lock strap featured on all our bags (and which comprises the straps on the Cinch Pack) is also made of highly cut-resistant UHMWPE, as are the ropes on the Flak Sacks, and even the stitching and binding used to sew the bags together. When we say our bags resist cutting - we mean it. 

Is Loctote Bullet-proof?

No textile is bullet-proof. Certain textile materials such as aramids (Kevlar) and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (Spectra, Dyneema) can be woven, stacked, and assembled ¼” thick or more to provide a bulletproof trauma plate, but this configuration is way too heavy and stiff for a bag. Even if a thin material could actually stop a bullet (which it can’t), the back deformation and lack of energy dissipation would still cause severe trauma. No drawstring bag on the market today is bulletproof.

We pride ourselves on innovation, honesty, and transparency. Creating new high-performance products is our passion, and we will continue to push the limits on bringing them to our customers. Rest assured that when you purchase a Loctote, you are purchasing the very best products available

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