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June 26, 2017 0 Comments

Happy Tuesday everybody. This is an exciting week for us here at Loctote. We will be launching the Flak Sack SPORT. I anticipate that there will be numerous questions about what the Flak Sack SPORT is, why we created it, and how it compares to our other bags. Therefore, I am going to address those things here in this post.

We are very conscientious about listening to customers’ feedback and focusing our efforts on things that people want. We created the original Flak Sack to be a super-tough theft resistant bag. That became our mission and top priority. In doing so, we spared no expense. We used a 400g/sqm technical knitted fabric, and doubled it up for extra durability. This technique, though very strong and resistant, uses a lot of fabric, impacting both the cost and overall weight of the bag. Many customers told us that our initial bag was overkill, and that they would be willing to give up some slash protection for a lighter and lower cost bag. We had no interest in developing a product that didn’t work just for the sake of making it lighter and cheaper. So with that, we headed back to the lab to see what we could do. We developed a woven textile that was able to achieve an EN 388 cut level 4 with a single layer. Then we took a bunch of other suggestions that we had received, and began incorporating them into the design. Things like making it vegan, reflective ropes, cut resistant ropes, and water resistant lining. Moving to a single layer woven fabric had a very favorable impact on both cost and weight. Our goal going in was to create a bag that we could sell for under $100, but by the time we finished negotiating volume discounts with our suppliers and streamlining processes at our factory, we created a product that we can offer at $89. We’re psyched!

With that, we are pleased to present to you this week the Flak Sack SPORT. Join us in welcoming this newest addition to the Loctote family.

All the best.

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